The miracles. When I asked Lauren what she wanted to remember about her current season of life, the time of engagement before the wedding, she said the miracles of how much her and Stephan have been able to entrust themselves in each other and in the God that their faith is founded in. How He has delivered them through all the circumstances they’ve gone through thus far and all the new things they still have to discover.

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For their engagement session, we met at the Baltimore Museum of Art and walked around  the monumental and beautiful grounds where Stephan had proposed not too long ago. After, we ate crepes and walked by the water in Fells Point as the sun went down on the pier. I felt like I was just tagging along on one of their dates as Stephan would pull her in close and whisper in her ear, or dance with her in the middle of the street like they were the only two people around.

L&S, I feel incredibly lucky to get to witness the love and care that you two have for each other.  I had such a great time hanging out and getting to know you guys better and can’t wait for your wedding day in October!!

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