Hi friend! I’m Bekah (or BK) & I can’t wait to meet you!

I have been a creative my whole life, but also love the business of creating a great product and a memorable client experience. I come from a background where I have degrees/certifications in both business and event planning. I believe that your photographer should not only be an artist, but be reliable and trustworthy.

I’m a newlywed to the most handsome man in the world, with the most golden of hearts. Most nights you will find us either exploring the city, or cuddled up at home watching Netflix with some Chinese food.

I love traveling and experiencing new places, and while we’re currently rooted in Charm City I’d love to be apart of your adventure wherever it goes!

My “why”

It's about your story. It’s about the journey each of us are on, and learning to celebrate each season we are given. It’s about the hurdles you’ve gone through together, that make the moments you hold each other even more precious. It’s about capturing love stories and the beginnings of marriages, way more than it’s about the wedding.

But oh, it’s about those wedding details too. Because they’re little pieces of your story, your history, and your relationship. It’s to remember the lace around your bouquet that’s from your mother’s wedding dress, the handkerchief your grandma passed down, the trinket you’re holding to feel your father with you when he just recently passed away, or the quirky Star Wars cake toppers because you guys could binge watch those movies every day. It’s capturing pieces of who you are and your story, that you’ll look back on and remember the way you felt- the lightness or weight of those moments, way more than it’s about pretty pictures. You are writing a beautiful story, no matter what part of it you’re in, and it’s always such an honor for me to be a small part in marking moments and capturing chapters in your story.

A Few of my favorite things:

A Few of my favorite things: