Hi Friends!! Today I’m starting a new blog series that I’m calling “Coffee Talk Tuesdays.”  It’s no secret, I’m a huge coffee fan, and I love meeting friends over a good cuppa coffee (or tea!) and chatting about life, love and other mysteries. So that’s what this series is about. Whether you’re a client, friend, family, or fellow creative I just wanted to take some time to write about things we might talk about in a coffee shop together.


I’m pretty much an open book when it comes to how and why I am choosing to do things with BKC and love that there is a community of photographers in this industry (#communityovercompetition) that are willing to share the what & why of all that they do :).  By no means do I think the way I do things is the only way to do them, but I just wanted to share some tips, advice, methods, etc, from my own experiences both as a client (bride) and photographer.

This is also an open call for any questions or topics you’d like to see me write about.  Comment here or drop me a line with anything you’d ask me at a coffee shop (why do you do ___, where should I look for ___, how do I even start to think about ___ , etc.) is open game! 🙂



One of the things I knew I wanted when starting this business was to put together a great client experience where everyone I work with feels heard, seen, and taken care of.  This doesn’t just mean supplying photos they love, but from the initial inquiry to delivering the images they feel like I am both professional and personal and am doing my best to take care of them as clients.

One of the ways I like to do this is to deliver their photos from a session or wedding in a beautiful online photo gallery. There are so many benefits to this method of delivery, and I wanted to share some examples of the platform I use, Pixieset.

When I’m done editing a session, I upload all of the high resolution files to their pixieset gallery and am able to separate the pictures into different sections. For a wedding, the photos would be separated into the different categories from the day- getting ready, ceremony, formal portraits, reception, etc.  For a portrait or engagement session, there typically is a section for my favorites, color, and black & white.

// Quick side note. Although, as a creative I would prefer to only give my clients the photos in the coloring I visualize for each photo, I know as a client it’s so nice to have the ability to choose which ones you want in color and in black & white. Because of this, I typically give both versions of all files to my clients. From a photographers perspective, I’d much rather give photos in both versions upfront than having clients edit them themselves (Instagram filters anyone?) after the image is already finalized. When I was a bride my amazing photographer, Nessa K, gave me both versions and it was such a game changer to be able to have those options that I knew I would want to do the same for my sweet #BKCbrides & clients.

Back to Pixieset.

Now although I love giving my client’s a cute USB of their images for long-term storage, Pixieset gives me the ability to send off photos to clients right when they’re finished! Having a USB or DVD is great for storage but waiting for them to arrive after your photos are already done can drive you crazy, so I wanted to give clients the best of both worlds whenever possible! Galleries are easily accessible and look great on any device, which is a huge plus!

Pixieset Online Gallery34

For most of my clients, I set their gallery to be password protected so that they can choose who is able to see their photos. They can even choose to password protect one section of the gallery. For example, if they wanted to share their anniversary photos with friends and family but keep the boudoir section private with a separate password only they knew.

Pixieset Online Gallery2


I  also love the clean look of the white background that makes the photos pop and is easy for scrolling through the photos all at once. Client’s (or family/friends of a client) can also create their own favorites gallery to be able to download only the photos they want with a download PIN.


Pixieset Online Gallery


Clients have the ability to look through a gallery of all the photos, share their personalized link with family and friends, and download the photos individually, or all at once.  Downloads are available in both high resolution (for printing) and web size (for online sharing). You may think that the high-resolution photos are better no matter what, but it actually is beneficial to have the web size versions when  posting to Facebook or other social media platforms. Web size files are designed to look great on the screen and sized so that Facebook doesn’t automatically compress your photo for you, changing the quality of how it appears online.

Pixieset Online Gallery4

While, the digital downloads of all of the files are included in my pricing, clients also have the option of choosing to get any photos printed from a professional photo lab I use, straight from their gallery! While other galleries also have this capability, Pixieset doesn’t charge any commission fees on print sales which means you get the best price for your professional product. Printing your photos is so important so I’ll definitely be writing more on the value of printing your photos, and where to get them printed soon!

While my clients are responsible for protecting their photos, I also let them know that I will keep copies of all of their photos for at least a year and Pixieset gives me an extra place to have their files protected and stored.

While there are some other great online gallery options out there that other photographers use, Pixieset was the best decision for my business and clients knowing the different costs and benefits.  That’s it for now guys! Be sure to let me know if there is anything else you’d like me to see write about for this series.

Cheers! BK

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