I believe in the power of photos. I believe that they connect you to something, someone. A moment in time you won’t get back. An emotion, a feeling, a memory.  That’s part of why I love taking photos. It’s so special to me to be able to be let in to those moments with you. To help capture those memories to look back on, so you can feel those emotions, trigger those senses, remember the weight of whatever season you’re in right now.

I believe that photos tell stories, and I believe in the power of your story.

Photos just have the power to connect you to moments, the way the words sometimes aren’t able to. How much more weight do you feel when you see photos attached to news headlines?

However, in our instant gratification, fast paced, digital world, there’s a growing problem with photos and moments just being forgotten and passed by, because they live in our computer screens and storage devices instead of being held in our hands and hung on our walls.

So, as a photographer that so deeply cares about your stories and beautiful moments this is my soapbox PSA asking you to print your photos.  🙂

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There’s just something different about photos when they’re printed. They have character and weight and should be enjoyed, not just scrolled through. We are probably the most photographed generation yet, and also probably the ones that look through, use, cherish those photographs and memories the least.

Maryland Photographer Coffee Blog-1633.jpgDo you remember going through your parents or grandparents wedding albums as a kid? Shauna Niequist wrote about an experience going through photos with her Grandma: “My Grandma is eighty- two, and I love to look at old photographs of her and my grandpa. She told me that getting old is like carrying all these selves with you. She remembers just how that thirteen-year-old in the picture felt, and how that nineteen-year-old bride felt, and how that thirty-year-old on the back of a motorcycle felt. She said you carry them inside you, collecting them along the way, more and more and more selves inside you with each passing year, like those Russian dolls, nesting within themselves.” 

Those albums are much different than the ones we have now. They show wear and tear, dust and torn edges. But they can bring you back to different stories and parts of your life, you may not remember as vividly otherwise, and there’s just something different about flipping through an album in your hands than scrolling through one on a screen.

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{Aren’t my parents cuties?!?}

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Your memories deserve to be displayed in heirloom silver frames, on the walls you walk by every day, in the rooms you host people in. They deserve to be in albums on your coffee table, looked through, worn in, and passed down. You can’t pass down your Facebook Album. 

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{My Grandparents as kids riding a bike together on the left, and on their wedding day on the right}

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Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE technology. It’s brilliant and incredible what can be accessed, shared, and stored instantly. I think you should have copies of your photos on your computer, and on backup drives, because prints can be lost or stolen or misplaced. My husband’s family lost years of family photos from a bad flood, and so quickly so many of those memories in print were gone.  However, technology is always changing and breaking, and you may not always be able to print and pull images off of drives later. Imagine if when your kid’s asked, all you had were floppy disks, scratched CD’s, of your wedding photos and you couldn’t retrieve them?

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{My Husband, Brad’s, Grandpa in the war}

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Photography is an investment. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars to have your photo taken and never look back on them. I think the best way for you to use that investment is to be able to share, store, enjoy, and savor those memories for years to come. Print your photos, dig up and look at some old photos, asking questions and reliving stories. I think there’s something really beautiful about being able to look back and see how far you’ve come, to see where God was faithful, to think back through your different “selves” and anticipate all that’s still to come. So if you choose to invest in photography, print your photos.  I really don’t think you’ll regret it. 🙂


P.S. In a future post, I’m going to follow on the how to print your photos by comparing different print labs & sharing my advice! Cheers! BK

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June 30, 2015
Amazing, Bekah!! You are so talented! I don't have that picture of Grandma & Grandpa cutting their cake! I love it! I'd love to see you do a session with Grandma & Grandpa today! Your photos are spectacular. Wish we lived closer :)
    Bekah Kay Creative
    July 10, 2015
    Thanks so much Shawnea!! I love the photos of them too! I can scan it and send it to you the next time I'm at my parents' house! Thanks so much for your kind words :)!!